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Auto Air Conditioner

You can run into alot of problems when your car's AC goes out; from inexpensive, basic maintanence to major repairs.

Always hope the simplest fix; a loose wire or belt.  We are experts at finding these. 

Let us give you a free AC check!

Compressor? Condensor? Freon? Wiring? Leak? Hose?
Some of these repairs can get pretty costly.  The last thing you want is a car repairman you don't trust.
We can't fix a rusted out, leaky system with a quick service shot of freon, but you can trust Charlie's to tell you what's wrong with it, and price you fairly. 

Charlie's Import Auto
Diagnostics, repair and service for all domestic and import vehicles.
(702)880-9300  Call'll be glad you got a quote from us!!
1st warning sign of a bad car A/C in Las Vegas
***Retro-Fits Available - R12 to 134a conversion starting at $120!!
R-12 is the old refrigerant used, deemed toxic by the EPA.  We can convert your system to 134a.
***Complete A/C kits - We always try to locate a minor problem first.
Sometimes a complete kit is the way to go.  Includes compressor, condensor, dryer and orifice tube.  If you get a whole kit, it will be under manufacturer's warranty.  This can be a good buy if multiple components are bad, or almost bad..
***Aftermarket AC components available - While we carry brands like Delphi and Denzo, we always try to give you the best discount we can and search for aftermarket parts.

Free A/C Check

Free A/C inspection!
Just bring it in.

We will find out what's wrong with it and give you a written quote.

Why sweat? 
Call us NOW -
(702) 880-9300

ASE air conditioner certified!

(Service and Repair)

Vacuum out, EVAC, the refrigerant from the system.
Recharge the system to the manufacturers exact specifications
Find out why the freon leaked in the first place. It didn't magically     disappear, IT LEAKED OUT.
Hopefully not, but if needed we will perform any necessary service on compressor, evaporator, condenser, and electrical controls and sensors.
Test it again to make sure everything works right!

Air Conditioner Recharge